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Sewing is my jam!  I can't get enough of it.  I started at my mothers knee when I was around 9years old and haven't stopped. 

I began Usefulbox as people would always ask me to teach them how to sew on their machine that was still in the box.  So I gave it a go and LOVED it!  Seeing someone sew something and how proud it makes them, makes my heart sing!

Sewing is my creative outlet and my me-time activity.  I love to sew with woven fabrics for myself and my family.  My wardrobe would also exclusively me-made and that makes me feel so proud and individual.  My kids also love to order their own outfits and costumes.  

I'm also a huge supporter of sewing for mental health and really do believe that sewing, or any craft, has healing properties.  I know if has gotten me through the high and lows of life. 


In 2008 Kelda started teaching sewing in her own studio to teenagers and adults. She knows that there's nothing like the satisfaction of making your own clothing and home furnishings. She will teach you all the shortcuts to save time when sewing to allow you to finish garments to a high standard.

Kelda loves unusual and quirky fabrics. Designing or finding a new pattern and making it her own is always exciting. When she's not sewing, her other passions are baking, pottery and spending time with her family and friends. She loves learning anything creative.

Kelda believes that everyone can sew. You just need the right teacher and to have fun while you do it!


Tanya has been sewing for about 8 years, learning to sew after her first daughter was born and all the handmade clothes she was buying was starting to cost her a fortune - “surely I could learn to make this and save myself some money”!

She was extraordinarily lucky to have met a wonderful Aussie pattern designer who was also just starting out making her own patterns who was a fabulous seamstress, who also didn’t mind answering her bazillion questions. Through her incredibly detailed pattern instructions, she taught herself to sew and still to this day use many of the lessons she learned from her. 

So far, Tanya has managed to go two years without buying her kids any clothing other than their school uniforms and socks! Goals! She also sews a lot of the clothes for herself and found that it really helped her discover her style post-kids. 

Tanya does love the structure of woven garments, but for a quick fix with a satisfying result she can’t go past sewing with knit. Tanya also really loves swim, as there is something extremely satisfying seeing her kids running around in swimmers that properly cover their little butts and knowing that you made that happen! "My girls are my biggest fans, they love to tell people “my mummy made it”!