Beginners Start Here

We just LOVE beginners here at Usefulbox!

You don't need any experience to join a beginner class at Usefulbox.  Or perhaps you have sewn a little bit at school, & believe us, it all comes back to you. 

In our beginner classes, we start at the very beginning and learn how the machine works, what all those knobs do, how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine.  The we practise stitching, skilling up over a couple of hours.  Usually in a beginner class, we then sew up a lovely tote bag so you can show it off that very day to anyone who will listen!

You don't need to bring a machine as we have some to use.  However, if you have a machine, please do bring it along as its best to learn on your own machine.  Bring it in the box - we love opening up new machines!

Before we get started, here are some FAQ's!


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