Quilting, Mending & Embroidery Classes

Our Quilting, Mending and Embroidery classes are suitable for all skill levels.  Perhaps you might even like to join our social sewing days to sew with old friends and new!

Lorena is a world renowned, prize winner Quilter.  Known for her highly colourful and stylish quilts, Lorena is a creative whizz.  With her teaching in our Quilting classes, Lorena is so generous with time and knowledge, and gives such great advice to make your project the best it can be.

As for Mending, Karlie Simring is our expert. Karlie holds a Bachelors degree in Fashion and Textile Design and has worked in the industry for 25yrs. As our resident Mending Teacher, she is passionate about reducing waste and excited to share techniques to reinvent (extend the life of) your favourite clothes. 

Embroidery classes at Usefulbox are many and varied.  Specialist teachers, such as Amy Jones, host our embroidery classes.  Embroidery is a really wonderful portable craft!

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