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Private Lessons - Learn to sew at UsefulBox HQ

Private Lessons - Learn to sew at UsefulBox HQ

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Would you like to Learn to Sew in a 1:1 class at UsefulBox HQ? 

I would love to guide you through how your machine works, learning to stitch and make a basic project.  I can help even the more seasoned sewer through a tricky pattern or project.

"Just had an amazing, kids free, half day to learn how to use a sewing machine and how to sew!If anyone is looking to do a sewing class, I would highly recommend sewing classes run by UsefulBox! From having zero knowledge of how to sew, I learnt how to cut out fabric from scratch and sew baby bloomers and a dress for my daughter in just half a day! And it was just so much fun!! Totally addicted to making clothes for my daughter now!" says Fiona So

Our private lessons are $195 for a 3 hour lesson or $250 for 4 hours.  If you are super serious we also have a package of 10hours where we can then tailor the hours to what you need and when you can learn.

Private lessons are available during 930 am - 230 pm  each weekday or any mutually convenient time on the weekends. An email will be sent to you to work out a date and time for your lesson.


Sunday 13 Feb - 9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4/5pm, with Caz

Sunday 20 Feb - 9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4/5pm, with Jenny

Sunday 26 Feb - 9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4/5pm, with Jenny

** Afternoon slots are charged at a 3hr rate.  If you would like a 4hr slot, please go ahead and book and we can work out the extra charge later.

Usual Teacher availability:

Caz - Monday, Wednesday and some weekends

Kelda - Monday, Wednesday and some weekends

Jenny - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and some weekends

If you need to hire a machine, you can add this to your cart - please see here 

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