Zips & Buttonholes Masterclass

Zips & Buttonholes Masterclass

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Zips and Buttonholes.  Two techniques that can stop sewists in their tracks.  We've got news for you....they aren't that scary! So let us demystify them both for you and make you a pro!

We've got two masterclasses in one for you - Zips in the morning and Buttonholes in the afternoon!  


Zippers are very important in sewing but often we are a bit scared to tackle them.  So we are going to break down the steps to really easy steps to a perfect zipper.

We'll focus on the two most used types of zips, lapped, centred and invisible, so you'll have the confidence to tackle any project.

Once you have these skills mastered, and there is enough time, we'll whip up a cute boxy zippered pouch!


Spoiler alert....The hardest part of buttonholes is making sure they are straight.  It's not the actual sewing of them!  

We'll tackle the actual sewing of the buttonhole and then master the spacing and layout of them next! 

Skill level: You will need to know how to thread and run your sewing machine and have a basic grasp of sewing with seam allowances.

What you will learn:

  • How to use use zipper foot and the buttonhole foot
  • How to sew 3 types of zips - lapped, centred and invisible.  And when and where we use them in our garments
  • How to sew a buttonhole and line them up on your garment. 

What is included:

  • 5.5 hours of expert tuition with max 6 students in the class
  • All materials including an invisible zip foot
  • A fun and engaging atmosphere 
  • Copius cups of tea and coffee!

What you need to bring

  • Your machine along with all it's power cords and the foot pedal -- If you need to hire a machine, you can add this to your cart - please see here 
  • The machines accessories, especially the Zipper & buttonhole foot!
  • Your fabric scissors and sewing kit - if you don't have one, you can buy one here and have it waiting for you in the class.

 Dates Available: 

Sunday 4 August - 930am - 4pm

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