Secret Sewist

Let's end 2020 with some cheer and join in with the SYDNEY SPOOLETTES in a secret santa handmade swap. 

So let's get started....

The basics of the exchange 

  1. Register here by Saturday 24 October - you will be asked for your name and address. Annoyingly, I can't turn off the birthday question so just make it up! You can also answer a couple of questions to help your gifted choose the project. 
  2. You will receive an email from Elfster on Sunday 25 October with your match. It will include their address and other info. 
  3. Choose ANY project to make - there are some ideas below if you need some help getting started. 
  4. Enjoy making your gift!
  5. Post or deliver your gift by 20 December
  6. Use #sydneyspoolettessecretsanta2020 on instagram and facebook. 


Ideas for projects:

Note - while this swap is free choice, if you fancy something in the above list, please add this to your questions when you sign up. 



Who can participate?

Everyone, at any sewing level, is welcome to join. However, it is only open to Sydney Spoolette members who live in Sydney. 

How do I find my match?

Elster will send you an email with your match and their details.  Please check your spam folder just in case. 

How can I see the answers to their questions?

On a computer desktop: Click on the link from your email to see your match.  Click on the view wishlist button. Scroll down on the left and click Secret Q & A.  Along the top are 3 options, click Answered and you will find you match's preference and instagram handle!

On mobile: On the top right, click More.

Sewing levels

All of us are at different stages in our sewing - beginners or seasoned sewists.  This project is about connection and kindness and not about critiquing peoples sewing or feeling judged. 


If you register to the exchange, it is only manners to participate and send a gift by the due date as your match is looking forward to something in the post.  If you don't think you can make the item or post the item by the due date, it might be good to wait for the next round.  

If you register and then find you can't make the gift, PLEASE let me know ASAP so that I might be able to organise something else.  It's not nice to be wondering where your gift is and feeling left out!

You will be sent your match's address and full name.  Please be respectful of this info and don't broadcast it anyone or post on any social media. 

Delivery and Postage

How you choose to deliver or post the parcel is up to you.  You might know the person you are making for and can hand deliver it (safely of course!).  If you need to post the gift, you are responsible for all postage costs and to get it in the post in a timely fashion as we all know the postie is under some pressure!

Material costs

In taking part in this exchange, you are willingly making a gift for someone.  Therefore any material cost you incur is your own responsibility.

Which gift?

It's up to you.  Make whatever you think your match would like.  Each match is also asked to list their instagram so that you can stalk them and check out their style and taste.  If you fancy something in particular from the above list, please let your match know. 


Registration to take part in the exchange will end on 24 October.  You will have until 20 December to make and deliver.  

Privacy & Emails

The registration list is run via Elfster as it's the best set up I could find.  Once you do register, they do send a few too many emails which I am afraid I can't really control. So in advance, sorry!

In terms of privacy, you will need to read their T&C's to see you agree with how they handle your info. I have checked the box to say that your details will ONLY be given to your match and they won't be shown to the whole group.

May I ask another question?

Please email me via the contact page above.

Happy sewing and gifting!

Caz xxx