Intermediate to Advanced BYO Class - Friday all day OR Saturday mornings

Intermediate to Advanced BYO Class - Friday all day OR Saturday mornings

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Sometimes you just need some help and fresh eyes on a project.  Perhaps some fitting help or even a hand to hold while making a tricky project. So come along and sew with others while having the guidance our newest specialist sewing teacher, Megan McKee-Griffith.  

Friday 6 hour $150 and Saturday 4 hour $100 Classes available

It's a chance to get that project you have been wanting to tackle for ages, started and hopefully finished with the help of a very experienced teacher! 

Whether you are an intermediate or advanced sewist, this is a time for you to focus on that tricky technique, fitting, pattern or skill.  

Skill level: You will need to know how to thread and run your sewing machine and have a good grasp of sewing with seam allowances and the construction of a garment.

What happens in our 4/6 hours:

  • You can use the high cutting tables to trace/measure your pattern and then cut out your fabric. 
  • We will dissect your pattern and look at the jargon in the instructions
  • We will break down the instructions in much more manageable and easy to understand steps
  • We will focus on learning new skills
  • We will focus on fitting and sewing techniques

What is included:

  • 4/6 hours of expert tuition with only 4-5 students in the class
  • A fun and engaging atmosphere 

What you need to bring

  • The pattern and fabric you want to work on.  Please send me an email with the project you want to work on and tell me what level you are at so that we can get an idea of what everyone will bring. 
  • Your machine along with all it's power cords and the foot pedal -- If you’d prefer not to bring your own, we do have 4 x Brother machines available for use on a first come first served basis!
  • The machines accessories, especially all the feet
  • Your fabric scissors and sewing kit 

 Dates Available: 

Friday mornings 10am to 430pm (with 30min lunch break), $150

  • 12 July - 1 x spots available
  • 26 July - Sold out
  • 2 August - 2 x spots available
  • 23 August - Sold ou
  • 6 September - 2 x spots available
  • 13 September - 2 x spots available
  • 27 September - 1 x spot available

Saturday mornings 9am to 1pm, $100

  • 22 June - Sold out
  • 6 July - sold out
  • 3 August - sold out
  • 28 September - sold out


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