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Alterations & Mending

Alterations & Mending

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Altering and Mending clothes is so important - for our uniquely shaped bodies, for growing families, for sustainability and often, for the simple joy of making do! 

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Come and join alteration superstar Jenny, to learn simple and basic mends and alterations.  

Bring your own clothes that might need a hem taken up, a seam fixed, a zipper replaced, taken in, or out.  Or those baggy legged jeans transformed to skinny jeans!

** Please be mindful that this is a starter class, so basic, simple and easy projects will need to be brought in.  I'm afraid, we'll have to save wedding dress and jeans taking in or out for another day.  Jean hems and leg narrowing is ok. 

Skill level: You will need to know how to thread and run your sewing machine and have a good grasp of sewing with seam allowances and the construction of a garment. If you have done a beginner or next step class with me, this class is for you!

What happens in our 5 hours:

  • We will take a look at your garments, work out the best way forward and then take it step by step to get it right. 
  • We'll learn from each others alterations too. 
  • We will focus on learning new skills that you can apply to any mending project

What types of alterations and mending can you bring:

*  Hems - all types, including jeans and school uniforms (!!!!)

*  Replacing a zip - be sure to tell us about those before the class please

*  Taking garments in and out - excluding jeans

*  Taking in the leg of jeans to create a skinny leg

*  Fixing holes in seams 

*  Replacing buttons or fixing buttonholes

*  Lengthening or shortening - straps, belts, hems (obviously) 

*  Adding or removing a pocket

** please email us ahead of time if you have something outside of this list or more complicated and we can discuss if we can do it and what to bring if we can.

What is included:

  • 5 hours of expert tuition with only 3-6 students in the class
  • A fun and engaging atmosphere 
  • Copius cups of tea and coffee!

What you need to bring

  • Your pile of mending that needs to be done. 
  • Your machine along with all it's power cords and the foot pedal -- If you need to hire a machine, you can add this to your cart - please see here 
  • The machines accessories, especially all the feet
  • Your fabric scissors and sewing kit - if you don't have one, you can buy one here and have it waiting for you in the class.

 Dates Available: 

  • Saturday 18 December - 10am to 3pm


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