Scrunchie DIY Pack

Scrunchie DIY Pack

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Scrunchies are back in fashion and what better project to learn to sew with! These limited edition packs are a perfect gift for a little crafter and sewist.  

This DIY scrunchie pack comes with lots of instructions, 6 pre cut pieces of fabric, 6 pre cut lengths of elastic, a hand sewing needle and 2 safety pins.  All you need to add is some thread...and some fun!

  • The instructions are clear and easy for kids to follow, with lots of step by step photos.   
  • The instructions are based on hand stitching but one can easily use a sewing machine for all the stitching steps. 
  • The fabric is a lucky dip but is mostly floral, plains and geometrics, so you can be as colourful as you like.  
  • The best part is once you have made all 6, there are measurements included so you can make more....and more!  
  • Ages 6+ years.

Go forth and scrunchie it up!