Group Sewing Lessons

Group Sewing Lessons

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Gather a group of friends or your mothers group together for a fun few hours of quiet ME time at our studio!

I would love to introduce you to the fabulous world of sewing or indeed refresh your memory from those classes in high school! 

Our group lessons are a workshop tailored just for your group.  We take it slowly and learn how to use and thread your machines and then do some practise stitching.  Then we tackle a project for you to take home proudly.  

Our group lessons are perfect for those who want to learn to sew, have bought a machine and don’t know where to start. Once armed with the confidence to use your machine, this course will give you the oomph to work on lots of projects. 

Lisa came to a beginner workshop and loved it! ”Highly recommend Caz's sewing classes. Great for anyone who has purchased a machine but has no idea where to start. Caz is very knowledgeable, patient and an awesome teacher. I will be back for more classes. "

The costs are:
2 people for 3 hours is $300 ($150 per person)
2 people for 4 hours is $370 ($185 per person)
3 people for 4 hours is $540 ($180 per person)
4 people for 4 hours is $700 ($175 per person)
Our group lessons last for 4 hours, usually on a Thursday to Sunday during school hours or on weekends.  You can choose how many people you would like to attend in the cart but the maximum is 4 people.  Once you have put your order through, I will contact you via email to work out the date and get all the details of your group. 
Looking forward to sewing with you! xx